• What is permanent residency?

Permanent residency is a right affixed to your passport which grants you a permanent right to work and live in Australia. Permanent residency is not synonymous to citizenship, though.


  • How much time it takes for an application for permanent residency to process?

The processing time varies from application to application and also depends upon the type of visa one applies for. Usually, the processing time ranges between 9-18 months.


  • Are my children also entitled to migrate with me?

If your children are still dependent on you, then they’ll be allowed to migrate with you. Married/independent children will not qualify under your visa.


  • Does age matter for immigration?

Yes, but a lot depends upon the person’s strengths and qualifications.


  • How do I become an Australian citizen?

The Australian Citizenship Act 1948 provides information regarding the acquisition of Australian citizenship.

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