• Who qualifies for Canadian immigration visa?

Qualified skilled workers, provincial nominees, business persons under Canada economic immigration categories, close family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents may be allowed to immigrate to Canada.


  • How is immigrating to Quebec different from immigrating to rest of Canada?

Quebec is responsible for selecting the immigrants to settle within the province.


  • What is Canada immigration visa exactly?

Canada immigration visa is a form of permanent residency which allows an individual to work and live in any part of Canada.


  • What is the main difference between work permit visa and immigration visa?

The main difference is that former is a temporary visa while the latter is a form of permanent visa. Individuals holding work permit visa can live in Canada for a specific period of time and are bound by some regulations, whereas those holding an immigration visa can stay anywhere in Canada on the basis of their choice.


  • How much time does the authority takes to process the application?

The time taken to process an application varies. However, it takes anywhere between 6-10 months for an application to process. In some cases it might take longer than 10 months.

  • When should I move to Canada after receiving the visa?

Initial port of entry should be made as stated in the visa.


  • When can I apply for a citizenship of Canada?

A continuous stay of three years is mandatory for one to become eligible to apply for a citizenship.

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