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Canada is often referred to as land of immigrants because millions of migrants have settled in the country starting from French and British colonialist and later migrants from every corner of the globe. Canada allows migrants to retain their individuality and contribute to the national progress in their own way. There is, thus, no compulsion on migrant communities to assimilate within the dominant culture because there is no such thing as dominant culture in Canada. Indians are a thriving community in Canada and have made considerable contribution towards the development of the country owing to which they are welcomed and appreciated by natives.

The quality of life in Canada is nothing but phenomenal. Various awards and accolades have affirmed this fact, time and again. Vancouver is consistently named as top five countries for liveability and quality of life. Ottawa and Toronto are not far behind and offer equally appealing lifestyle and quality of life. Canada is a dream place for those who love open spaces. With one of the world’s lowest population density, space is a luxury that is easily available in Canada. With beautiful landscape, Canada is one of the most visited tourist places in the world. Country’s climate and environment is as diverse as it can get. Mild springs, hot summers, crisp autumns and freezing winters, the people of Canada are not deprived of any kind of weather.

Canada is one of the most progressive countries of the world, economically speaking. It is a member of Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development as well as Group of Eight (G8).The opportunities for employment in Canada are plentiful and skilled workers with professional experience have highest chances of successful Migrate to Canada. Canada is an open democratic society with a constitutional monarchy. Freedom of expression and right to political participation are extended to all the sections of Canadian society.

Of the many ways to migrate to Canada, the most popular is Federal Skilled Worker (FDW) Visa. Even though Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) has put up a cap on number of immigrants to be issued FDW visas each year, you can still migrate to Canada under Quebec Skilled Worker Visa. Migrants can work and get settled in any part of the Canadian territory. A migrant becomes eligible for Permanent Residency after three years of continuous stay in Canada. The new residents of Canada have same rights and privileges as well as same duties as native Canadian citizens. English is a widely spoken language in Canada.

For those who are looking to migrate to Canada, SIEC Migration to Canada is a perfect choice. With years of experience and knowledge at their disposal, our executive will guide you about the procedure and multi layered process of applying for Canadian immigration. Any changes in the visa or immigration process and its implications for the applicants are closely monitored to provide our clients with the most relevant and updated knowledge about the process and to ensure that your application is as strong as it can get.

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