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Denmark is often referred to as a highly liveable city, with amenities and facilities at par with most developed countries of the world. Health, welfare and education system of the country is far better than any other country of the world. Moreover, Denmark is quite open to immigrants and has, in fact, taken considerable measures to attract skilled immigrants from different parts of the country. To increase the flow of immigrants to Denmark, country has reduced visa process time for Danish green card. Another favourable factor is that job opportunities abound in Denmark because most of the native population is nearing the age of retirement from their jobs and the current birth rate of Denmark is not sufficient to produce required skilled professionals. IT, communications, Management and Health Care are some of the fields in which job opportunities are easily available. It is home to several reputed multinational companies and the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, is fast emerging as a flourishing business and commercial centre of the country.

Denmark is a country blessed with natural beauty which makes it an attractive destination for not just settling in but also for tourism. Denmark has been variously regarded as the world’s happiest country, Copenhagen is considered to be one of the most happening places to live in and most suitable country for business. People of Denmark like to lead a hassle free life. They have adopted a peaceful yet modern way of living. Danish people are quite liberal in their thoughts and are very concerned regarding natural environment and take substantial efforts in protecting the environment.

Denmark’s immigration system, in line with United Kingdom’s and Canada’s immigration system, follows a point based system to attract skilled workers from outside European Union. Denmark also has a work permit system for those who have a valid job offer from a Danish employer. If one can score enough points on the basis of criteria such as age, education, professional experience and language skills; one can obtain a three year residence permit under the Danish Green Card Scheme, which is extendible up to 7 years. Denmark acknowledges the exceptional skills possessed by Indians in professions such as nursing, medical and Information Technology and is definitely looking forward to hiring people from India. Another way to secure a visa for Denmark is through Positive List Scheme. There are many areas such as Education, Information Technology, Business, Finance, Sales, and Medical etc for which there is a serious shortage of skilled workers in Denmark. Those who possess certified skills in these areas can apply for a Danish visa under above mentioned scheme.

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