From Our Story Diaries,


I know SIEC for a long time. In 2009, they helped me getting a placement in Swinburne University, Melbourne. Unfortunately, due to financial reasons, I couldn’t make to Australia then.  In 2012, I finally decided to immigrate to Australia. I just wanted to stop by SIEC to find about good migration service. I found out that they do migration as well. I am very glad that I stopped by SIEC that day.

Harmeet, from migration team helped me in every step of the migration process. He provided excellent guidance in choosing the right category to apply for Australian PR. Harmeet knows each and every aspect of migration including the timelines. I got the approvals of every step and the PR at specified timeline.

Harmeet is very knowledgable about the Migration process and very patient by nature, he answered each and every phone call i made to him and answered all my questions. I have already given his reference to my friends and will suggest him in future too.

Thanks Harmeet and SIEC for making my dream come true.

Wishing you and your company a lot of success.

Jaswinder Singh

I am very much thankfull to SIEC and Mr Harmeet Singh for guiding me and for putting my case of P.R (skilled immigration) to Australia, so successfully that I & my wife recieved Australian P.R. with in 8 months.

Whole process was remarkably smooth. AT every step, during the whole process, thoroughly helped by, much experience, Mr Harmeet Singh as well as polite staff of SIEC.  I recommed SIEC strongly to- all the aspirant of student VISA or P.R immigration.
Thanks to SIEC & Mr Harmeet Singh…

Nidhin Jacob

My family and I would like to thank you for making our dream of migrating to Australia a reality. Your prompt attention, wealth of experience and outstanding attention to detail has seen us secure the Visas we wanted. When I look back I realize that I had to do very little to secure our Visa. All I had to do was to give you the documents that you requested and you would always take care of the rest. There were instances when I used to hit a roadblock with some documents/processes and you were always there for me with alternatives which helped me in keeping my spirits high. Now all that’s left to do is say a massive ‘Thank You’ for helping our dream to come true and for us to choose which beach to live near! I would recommend you to anyone who wants the best of help.”

Many thanks again.

Abdul Samad

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and guidance. I can say that you are a big asset to SIEC. Two of my brothers and my sister is an immigrant of Australia. It was my dream to migrate to Australia and join my family over there. God had made my dream come true with the help of your professional and friendly services. May God bless you and help you to grow in your career. If anytime I got a chance to visit delhi I would surely want to visit SIEC and thank you in person.


As I already told you that I have been trying for immigration for last four years. In 2010 I tried for Canadian Immigration through many top consultants but they had delayed the process so much that canadian immigration had changed the rules and I was not able to apply. Next I went to another top consultant in migration business and wasted my money over there as well.

Then I caught hold of one immigration consultant from Canada itself and submitted my application twice. He also used to delay the process. He never used to answer my calls and both the times he submitted the application after the 1000 cap has reached even though I submitted all my documents on time.


I have never seen an immigration consultant like you. You answered each and every call of mine whenever I need your assistance and helped me in every possible way. It was an amazing experience with you. You had applied for ACS and EOI on the same day as soon as I provided you the required documents which I can guarantee that no other immigration consultants will do and also you had applied for my visa with in week which again no other immigration consultants will do.


I was under the impression all immigration consultants are waste and they are just sitting to make money and cheat others but after your professional services I can say there is someone in this world who is honest and do their work in a professional way.

In future if anyone wants to migrate to Australia I would definitely recommend to avail your services.